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Single session classes

available in Tammy's

Westmont or Berwyn

Illinois Design Centers.


What is Felt? 

Felt is fabric that is made from animal hair fibers (predominantly sheep wool) that have been intertwined and tangled...and in most cases...permanently bonded together utilizing an exclusive, natural property to matt  together in hot water when agitation and pressure are applied.  Felt is considered the first fabric made by humans. True felt fabrics do not start out as a knit fabric...nor are they woven... crocheted or sewn...and definitely not glued!


What is Nuno Felt?

The term "Nuno Felt" was coined by a contemporary fiber artist by the name of Polly Sterling.  The term has been adopted and used liberally...seemingly applied to any felted fabric in which a starter chiffon/gauzy fabric has been enmeshed and attached somehow with wool fibers. Another  descriptive term used is "Laminated Felt" which Tammy feels more appropriately explains this fabrication  (thin layers bonded together). 

All fabrics labeled "Nuno Felt" ARE NOT created the same way. 

Artist, Tammy L Deck, uses this ancient method of creating fabrics with a contemporary eye,  hand and process that has secured her numerous awards and accolades in fiber art.  She has been featured on both HGTV and the DIY network with felted silk & authored "Free Hand Felting Unleashed" for "Belle Armoire" Art to Wear  Magazine. The classes she teaches offer students a variety of different  strategies, methods of layering, drawing, painting, sculpting and controlling the fibers for the Wet-Felted finish.  

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